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Philippines : An appeal for emergency assistance for the flood victims

Yennah Torres, membre du Réseau Développement et Civilisations travaille à TRIPOD (Tri-People Organization against Disaster Foundation), avec les populations indigènes, chrétiennes et musulmanes de Mindanao au Sud des Philippines. Nous relayons son appel à la solidarité pour les victimes de l’inondation qui a eu lieu dans le Sud du pays.
Yennah nous a aussi fait parvenir des photos.

Yennah Torres, member of the “Development and Civilisations” International Network, working TRIPOD (Tri-People Organization against Disasters), together with the indigenous, Christian and Muslim peoples of Mindanao in southern Philippines. We are relaying their his urgent appeal for solidarity for the victims of the floos that recently occurred in the south of country.
Yennah us pictures of the catastrophic situation ! pictures.

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