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‘Kristenisasi' And Intolerance: Another Look

By Sidney Jones, January 19th, 2010

This article was sent by Sini Cedercreutz, who is an anthropologist and who participated to our AEPF workshop on religious diversity on October 3rd, 2010.

Published in the Jakart Post , this paper discusses how state officials and law enforces should and could address religious intolerance in Indonesia, further proposing quite sensible and workable administrative and law and order solutions.

Author Sidney Jones is a long-term Indonesia expert from International Crisis Group and it appears that her model could adapt any Southeast Asian or other pluralism appreciating state to solid new course.

"A recent International Crisis Group (ICG) report entitled Christianization (Kristenisasi) and Intolerance has been misinterpreted by some commentators. The essence of the report was that the activities of some Pentecostal groups aimed at conversion of Muslims are exacerbating — not causing — interreligious tensions and are being used by hard-line Muslim organizations to stigmatize a much broader range of Christian activities, including church construction. […]"

Read full text on the Jakarta Post website.

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