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Presentation of the Meeting

From September 24th to 26th in Mazille, France

In June 2009, the board of the Centre Lebret-Irfed expressed the necessity of carrying out a joint reflection about the fundamental ideas of Lebret’s thought (‘Pensée Lebret’) on human development. His thought is, indeed, what all the members of the Network identify with. It is neither a guide nor a pattern, but it is a reference to be used for better understanding of the realities and the problems of the Development today.

Objectives of the meeting

The objective of the Lebret meeting 2010 is to reconsider the fundamental ideas of Lebret’s thought, bringing together the Centre Lebret-Irfed, the French "Antennes Lebret", the members of the Lebret International Network, as well as a few other people we want to cooperate with.

We all refer to Lebret and we feel the necessity to understand better his thought in order to confront it with the great problems of current human development: food security, dialogue between civilizations, globalization, democracy, civic participation, etc.

Lebret’s heritage also gives us applied methodology for reaching integrated development. Whether it is cooperative action, participative investigation, forecast analysis or even research-action, the various approaches for development “in action” implemented by Louis-Joseph Lebret and his partners deserve a second thought. This sparks a debate on the tools for participative development we already share among the Lebret network and those we should promote even more.

How we will lead the reflection

The meeting is one of the stages in the process of identifying common themes among the members of the Network and setting up ways to answer to today’s challenges. By relying on the needs and potentialities Network, we intend to define new shared responsibilities and new working relationship between the partners of the network.

Each sequence of the seminary will be introduced by one or two lectures but it is essentially by sharing our experience and by debating we will be able to progress together. At the end of the meeting, we would like to have in our hands a text which could be a first step for the idea suggested by Richard Werly, a written document on "Lebret today" ("Lebret aujourd’hui").

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