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The rise of religion-based political movements

A Threat or a Chance for Peace, Security and Development among the Nations ?

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Depuis les années 1980, l’intensification et l’internationalisation des « Mouvements politiques d’inspiration religieuse » posent la question de savoir s’ils représentent une chance ou une menace pour la paix, la sécurité et le développement durable des nations. Cette publication réunit des études de cas, de différents pays et régions (Corée, Malaisie, Pakistan, Philippines, Thaïlande, Indonésie et Europe). Il s’agit des contributions des participants à un atelier réalisé à Kedah (Malaisie) en juillet 2008 afin de préparer le Forum populaire Asie-Europe, AEPF 7 (Chine, octobre 2008).

Livre disponible au Centre Lebret Irfed sur demande au prix de 8 euros.

Ce livre est publié en anglais.

Religion-based political movements are not new in the history of humanity. However, the intensification and the internationalization of the movements since the last quarter of the 20th century have raised a question wether they constitute a threat or a chance for peace, security and sustainable development among the nations.

In accordance with the growing concern in this phenomenon, a group of socially engaged intellectuals met to share their knowledge, experience and reflection on the question. This book is one outcome of the meeting. It is not an exhaustive document on this highly important issue. It is intended to humbly introduce the problem to the public and to participate in the collective search for a solution.


Acknowledgment (by the Editor / Darwis Khudori)

Introduction (by the Editor / Darwis Khudori)


  • Key Issues related to the Rise of Religion-based Political Movements
    Darwis Khudori


  • The Religion-based Political Parties in Europe : Obstacles or Channel for the Democratisation of Societies ?
    Antoine Sondag
  • The Politics of Religion in Black Africa : Patterns of Fragmentation and Ectropy
    Jean-Jacques Ngor Sène


  • Globalization and the Rise of Political Movements based on Religions in Lebanon, the Middle East and the Arab World
    Boutros Labaki
  • A Prognostic Critique of Fundamentalism : A Case Study of Pakistan
    Wajahat Masood
  • Common Ground Between Religious Minorities and Secular Forces in Pakistan
    Peter Jacob
  • From Pluralism to Sectarianism to Holism : Evolving the Indian Mind
    Barnabas Tiburtius
  • Portrait of Religion-based Organisations and Violence in Indonesia in the Era of Reform
    Siti Musdah Mulia
  • The Rise and Development of Radical Salafi Movements in Post-Soeharto Indonesia
    Syafi’i Anwar
  • Blending Dakwa and Politics : The Case of PKS (Justice-Prosperous Party)
    Syafiq Hasyim
  • Social and Political Movements Based on Religion in Malaysia : a General Overview
    Ariffin Omar
  • Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PMIP) : An Impertinent and Fundamentalist Religion-Based Political Movement in Malaysia
    Ibrahim Abu Bakar
  • Buddhism and Political Development in Thailand
    Thaweesak Putsukee
  • To God is to God. For Caesar is for Caesar ! Institutionalized Party-list Based Religious Movements in the Philippines
    Esmeralda Sanchez and Albert Banico
  • The Rise of the MILF as an Islam-Based Political Movement in the Philippines
    Shamsuddin L. Taya
  • The Struggle of the Iranun for Peace and Cultural Independence : From a Religion- Based Political Movement to a Culture-Based Political Movement
    Mussolini Sinsuat Lidasan
  • The Social Perceptions of New Religious Movements in the Post-Aum Japan : The Popular Use of "Cult" and "Mind Control" and Its Context
    Yoshihide Sakurai
  • The Reality and Task of Religion-based Movements in Buddhism and Christianity in Korea
    Paul Hwang
  • Development of Faith-Based Social Service Organizations from the Prospects of Jinde Charities
    John B. Zhang


  • Asia-Europe People’s Forum Workshop Report : The Rise of Religious Extremism in Asia and Europe : Impacts and Responses
    Darwis Khudori and Isabelle Duquesne



Editor : Darwis Khudori

Published by :
ICRP (Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace)

Co-published by :
DCLI (Development and Civilizations Lebret - Irfed)

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