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Tilottam Paudel, president of the Jagriti Child and Youth Concerns in Nepal sent us three news regarding their work with youth, on the issues of climate change and environmental protection. In addition you will find their report in relation to the recent earthquake that took place on 18th September 2011. On behalf of the Development and Civilisations International network, we wish to express our solidarity with the victims.

Read the article :
Report on Interaction on Climate Change and DRR
Youth Development Capacity Training Programme
A Report on Earthquake in Nepal

Tilottam Paudel, président Jagriti Child and Youth Concerns au Népal nous a envoyé trois nouvelles concernant leur travail avec les jeunes, sur les questions du changement climatique et sur la protection de l’environnement. En outre, vous trouverez leur rapport autour du récent tremblement de terre qui a eu lieu le 18 Septembre 2011. Au nom du réseau international de développement et civilisations, nous tenons à exprimer notre solidarité avec les victimes.

Lire les articles (en anglais) :
Le rapport de le rencontre sur le changement climatique et la réduction des risques de catastrophes
Programme de formation de la jeunesse sur la capacité de développement
Un rapport sur le tremblement de terre au Népal

Report on Interaction on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

by Kalpana Rai

The Interaction on Climate Change and the DRR was held in the squatter area of Baneshwor, Kathmandu on August 29, 2011. This was organized by Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Forum Nepal (CMDRR) in co- ordination with Jagriti Child and Youth Club Nepal (JCYCN) and Cwin Youth Forum (YOUTH-SAFE). The area concerned by this program was one of the vulnerable areas in the perspective of disaster floods. The River named ’’Dhobi Khola’’ flows nearby the community and in the river last year a child of 4 years drowned and died. This is because there are no safety measures against floods, the reason for this program. In the program Mr.Tilottam Paudel, Ms. Kabita Rai and Ms. Kalpana Rai facilited and the community people were the participants. Women, adolescents, as well as children participated with a total of 35 participants. There were discussions on climate change and disaster risk reduction, what we can do from an individual and community level. Some of the ideas of the participants to reduce the impact of climate change were :
- Use less plastic and its products.
- Share the learning on reduction of climate change impact with friends and family.
- Give priority to the planting and environmental preservation.
- Recycle plastic-made things without burning them. etc.


Similarly, to reduce the risk of disaster they raised the following ideas :

  • give priority to building a dam near by the river.
  • share the safe techniques of reducing the risk. For example : learn to swim.
  • Youth and family should be made more aware of disasters and moblise, etc.

We also discussed the issue of preserving our environment and how to be safe and prepared for disasters. At the same time we shared on mitigation during disasters as learnt from the exposure visit in Bangladesh. During the training the participants committed to applying the techniques in practice and staying in touch with the organizing team. They were happy with the program and requested to organize such programs again.


Report By- Kalpana Rai MEMBER (JCYCN &YOUTH-SAFE)

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