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AREDS-India: the People's Manifesto and the "chariots of death"

April 2011

This is the 12th issue of AREDS’ newsletter, The Meeting-Point.

Release of People’s Manifesto

Election for the Tamil Nadu State Assembly were held on the 13th of April 2011. Both the ruling party and the opposition parties have based the electoral campaign on annoucing freebies.

On response to these "unethical" schemes, 14 organizations came together and framed a manifesto absolutely based on the needs and wants of the downtrodden masses, children, women, farmers, fisher men and people from all walks of life and for the restoration of livelihood resources. It took them six rounds of discussion for finalizing the design and the contents of the manifesto.
Further, each organization organized separate consultation with other NGOs and people’s movements in their respective operational areas and discussed the draft manifesto. It added points and made amendments and shaped up the quality of the draft manifesto.

Sand laden trucks, the Chariots of Death

Illegal sand mining is a great problem for local population. Not only does it damage of the Cauvery - Amaravathi river bassin, but it also greatly endangers human lives: the trucks that carry sand away are often involved in accidents and cause gory deaths.
Since the truck drivers are aware that they are part of illegal sand mining operation, they drive trucks rashly in a devil-may-care manner.

AREDS has been relentlessly fighting against illegal sand mining since 1990, hopefull of stopping the illegal sand mining someday and restoring water and livelihood resources in Karur district.
Even though the district administration Has not checked or regularized the illegal sand mining, at least it has framed a time schedule for the truck movement, and that is a beginning.

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